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He sold some apples at the market. He is skating. I don't want to wear this stupid tie. I log in to Tatoeba once a week. She runs fastest in our class.

I wanted to give Vickie some money.

Perseverance, as you know, is the key to success. Michael is a very liberal person. Oh, we're too late. The company is in deficit.

He's artsy. Mat got a letter from Santa Claus. All I want is you.

We're in a lot of trouble. He represented his class at the meeting. If you take this medicine, you will feel better. I am a fan of environmentalism. It is broiling hot. Look out! There's a truck coming! I will soon catch up with you. We're moving to Boston next week. Austria is a member of the European Union.

Their divorce is much talked about in their neighborhood. I don't think there is any excuse for his behavior. At the same time, we should listen to what he has to say. Tomorrow ... tomorrow seemed such a long, long way off. She told him to try harder. Sharan gave a speech in French. This house is abandoned. All the windows are boarded up. This house is very spacious.

Stephe agreed with Suu's assessment. The former director is in a doghouse. According to the makers of the Oxford English Dictionary, there are over 800,000 words in the English language. What can be done? The other colonies began sending troops to help.

You're so very serious. Your cat is black. Michiel bit her bottom lip. Let's congratulate him. She won't be missed. Dani refused the offer. Is this a challenge? There's no demand for them as tools, so the product line-up is poor. We took it slow.

We were to have met there at seven. Never have I read such an interesting story.

Despair drove him to attempt suicide. Luc isn't going to change. My house looks to the south. Nadeem has confidence in his own ability. I don't want to be you.

Let's talk about it later, okay? I wish I wasn't such an idiot. How does one calculate the capacitance of a capacitor? None of my children are able to communicate in French. Jeanette's feelings were not reciprocated. To some extent I agree with you. I'm just doodling. Lea has three grandchildren.

I am afraid that I shall not be free till the examination is over.

He is always finding fault with the work of his secretary. They succeeded in putting an artificial satellite in orbit. She doesn't know who built those houses. She's wearing sunglasses. It will rain in the forest. When did Hsuan start studying French?

The baby is crying for milk.

He's an old friend of mine. I'm on my way to the fish market. What would you like for lunch? Mackerel or sardine? Raja looks genuinely interested. I'll give him a piece of advice.

Can I take some of the samples? It is likely that nobody can accurately estimate the depth and breadth of this ravine. Andrea watched Polly as she slept. I just moved. Bernard came back home tired. Translation is the language of Europe. Ramesh turned on cruise control and coasted for a while.

Did you ever find it? What's the most important to be doing now? I think I'm a pretty normal girl. Did Part hear Shari recite the poem? I need to get away. We can see things in the distance using a telescope. We're the champions. No matter what may happen, you mustn't forget your smile. It's shameful to treat a child so cruelly. She's coming!

The new president did away with a lot of the traditional protocols. I hope Lanny isn't going to be the one driving.