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When I see you, my heart says me that I am a lover. I always make my mother proud. Elaine showed Lars's letter to me. Even though I followed the instructions, it didn't go well.

The children are afraid of me. I've been trying to avoid her. Stay here and keep an eye on Caleb. She found a handkerchief. All the people were moved by his speech. I think what you're doing is dangerous.

Why wouldn't you let me tell you what happened? I confess I'm afraid to go by myself. Where is the book that I read? Stop telling me what to do. You're not my mom. I have a wife and three children. I'm really looking forward to seeing Russ again. She didn't intend to let him drive. Tony broke it. They capitulated unconditionally. Do the computers work?

Morgan caught his breath. If you're pretty, but single, then you're not pretty. We did that already. This is one of my favorite songs. Stop being a jerk, you meanieface! It looks like we have company. Takayuki is just visiting. How do you interpret this poem? An ICANN domain signifies an IP address to a DNS server.

Cut him some slack, John. It's his first day on the job. I got tickets to the concert tonight. The resolution made at the Millennium - to give all remaining dancing bears in the European Union the chance of a species-appropriate life in one place - has become a reality in 2007 with the transfer of the last three Bulgarian dancing bears. What time do you have dinner? When I was at hospital, she didn't come to visit me. We're heading out. Where do I claim my bags? What's your problem today? Do not look out the window.

She seemed pleased to see me. If you go looking for trouble, you'll find it. It wasn't mine. Riots are occurring across the country to protest the war. I've been calling you all night. I just love to read the agony column in teenage magazines. He is absent from school. I hope that you will help me. I got Beth to proofread my paper. My harsh words bruised her feeling.

I want that book, please. Space laughed so much tears ran down his cheeks. Yesterday I bought a three pound watermelon. I can't believe you thought I was cheating. Tim walked to the store to buy some milk.

They are the pupils of our school. Dorian is acting a little strange. His work is in engineering. Miek's expected to make a full recovery. He was sick of his job. We're standing. Poems are made in about the same way that we make guns. We take a hole, and we put something around it.

I'm glad you got a chance to talk to Gerald before he left. The sun was setting. He wants to impart his wisdom to you.

The time when such things could happen is past. Marek put on his snowshoes. Lum is still nervous about this. She is less beautiful than her sister. Wilson has denied the accusations.

"What kind of book are you reading?" "A novel." The pupil was punished for smoking.

We wouldn't mind helping Ninja. Only something that exists can be explored and explained. He's afraid that he might be late.

You're made for each other. I wrote to Mr. Wood last week and asked him to give you a job on the farm. His hair was cut short and he was clean-shaven. I really want to impress him. There is a movement afoot and nobody is noticing it.

I also often experience loneliness. He stood up and reached for his hat. He was elected to the Senate in the last election. Hume had no inkling as to why his boss wanted to see him. Is it serious?

I just didn't believe what Juha said.

Jonathan put a foam pad under his sleeping bag.

I asked Griff why he was unhappy. Roberta will meet Rajendra somewhere in Boston. Severe turbulence during the flight and very poor cabin service didn't make for an enjoyable start to our holiday. Bryce committed suicide when he was thirty. I have all suits made to order. If you come upon a new word in a sentence, what will you do with it?