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Robbin once worked for me. You'll eventually get used to it. The next morning I found him traveling by train.

My mother was a wonderful woman. I know what you were hoping for. You must start at once. My wife doesn't seem to like even her own children. Would you go to your room? There are some indications that the reception, which is known for its luxurious dishes, will go a bit on the back burner this year.

She went out to buy some food. I hope that some scientist will soon discover a cure for AIDS. Who am I addressing? Does anybody here know how this thing works? Hector dropped in on Jock last night. She was a bit jealous.

I detest them. Ti finished off the ice cream that was in the freezer. Look at these prices. Claudio didn't follow my advice. You're safe here with me. A deadline was included in the ultimatum.

Who made these? We want you to stop. What was Jeannette wearing when he died?

Who found the book I lost? Report the sick! Here's an optical illusion: you think you are looking at a cube, while in fact you are looking at your monitor. I need her to know that. He scares easily. You're from Iran. Her lecture is above my head. In 2011, certain things make me smile. Brett got killed.

You deal with it. Tell me the substance of his speech. You will cooperate. The cows looked big and docile. Jiro doesn't have to go to school today. I have just had dinner. They shook hands when they met at the airport. The child worked for him, going on errands.

She warned us. It's a lot of fun skiing in fresh snow. Go on. I can't sleep on this lumpy mattress. How can we get past this crisis? Chip chased the mugger and caught him. Such drastic economic growth cannot be sustained.

I've been dying to see him. Why are they doing this? Go about your business!

I make you smile. She has a bad habit of smoking. The boy didn't have an appetite. She just started dating someone. Gee whiz!

He is as kind as honest. There is an ample market for this product. A snowflake landed on Sam's nose. I'm not ready for it yet. He got himself up as Santa Claus. The bottom 40% of the U.S. population has only 0.3% of the wealth. I have to give him a chance. How do you say 'lung'?

Who will swim most quickly? I refuse to sit there. Andy didn't tell me what the problem was.